Hi, my name is Nicky.

When I was 14 years old, my dad bought me my first camera, so I went to the beach and took five million photographs of sea foam. The term "foam moment" is now a standard saying in our home for when Nicky is obsessively taking photographs of one subject, and its use is occasionally accompanied by an eye roll.

Fast forward about 22 years and I've learned to enjoy photographing other things too - particularly loved ones connecting, adventuring, homeschooling or just doing their own brand of joyful living...oh, and horses. I love horses.

I speak English, Afrikaans and Danish (with varying degrees of ability for your entertainment).

When I'm not taking photographs of lovely folk around Dubai, I'm homeschooling my sweet girls, picking up lego in a continuous loop, drinking the fabulous coffee my husband lovingly makes me every day or connecting with my wonderful church family.

Cheers! Totsiens! Vi ses!